Apple IOS 7 – Upgrade or Not To Upgrade

As Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 7 is pushed out starting from September 18 2013 , the mobile users were in a confusion to decide if they can update to it or not.

Well, If u were one among such users don’t worry this should help you out by letting know what factors you can rely on to make the decision. Here are the artifacts to decide whether can upgrade or not.

  1. Camera : IOS 7 brings some cool Filter effects in camera for the mobile users who has iPhone 5 with them. Though iOS 7 is compatible for iphone 4 and 4S these effects called Live View are not available for them. So If you are an iPhone 5 user who uses the camera alot then upgrading to iOS 7 is prefered.

    Live View Camera effects

  2. Photo Gallery : The next artifact comes in is photo gallery, though ios 7 doesn’t bring Live View effects for iphone 4 and 4S users it still brings the Photo gallery filters for everyone who uses the devices which iOS 7 is compatible with. The photo gallery is filtered and organized in a great way rather than a pile of photos scrolling on the same screen. So if you were an user who had lots of pics in your photo gallery and wanted to manage them efficiently then prefer upgrading to iOS 7

    Photo Gallery Collections Photo Gallery Timed filter (Years)

  3. AirDrop : AirDrop The whole new sharing concept designed by apple is about to be added up in iOS 7. but sadly it isn’t available for every user who could use iOS 7 indeed it is available only on iPhone 5 and later, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad touch (5th generation). So if u wanted to make sharing file to the nearer users easy and had the supported device in your hand you could choose to update to iOS 7.

    AirDrop File Recieved.

  4. Safari : Well the mobile safari built into the iOS 7 makes the browsing experience bigger and much beautiful. The highlights are

    • No More limits in no.of.tabs you want to use for browsing.
    • Just like the address bar in old ios safari now the button toolbar will also gets hidden until you scroll to reveal them.
    • Shared Links which lets you check what people say about the page/site you were viewing in twitter.

    So if you were really bored of the limitations of mobile safari in earlier ios versions, and you do lots of browsing a day then you could choose to upgrade to it.

    Safari - Tabs

  5. Device Tracing : With iOS 7 apple gives up a better meaning for the term iPhone making as “your iPhone is still your iPhone. No matter where it is”. Yes the great cool new feature “Find My Device” lets you do essential things in case of loosing your phone. It assures following

    • Fellow who steal it or the new user who bought it could never be able to use your iPhone once you erased your phone.
    • Once you erased the phone you could display a custom message for the people on lock screen.
    • Upon unlocking the device using ‘slide to unlock’ an authentication screen is shown up needing your credentials to further use.

    So If you feel like you live in in-secured place and has more thiefs around, go ahead and update to iOS 7.

  6. UI & Multi Tasking : The cool new UI including the whole new control center, dynamic wallpapers and several modifications to applications, notifications, siri and many more were on the path of way to iOS 7. So If you feel really boredom of the UI which is originated back in 2007 go ahead for update.


The dos are extracted from apples official ios feature list here  . Lets get into dont’s and the following are the artifacts which you would not prefer updating to ios 7.


  1. JailBreak : A team named evad3rs is still working on iOS 7 jailbreak, they might or might not be successful. On the other hand the feature list available once you jail break the ios 7 is yet to be revealed. So if you run a jailbreaked phone and dont wanted to loose those cool additional features u got with jail breaking then you could ignore and wait for some more time to get it up in your device.

  2. Bugs : Unlike earlier versions of iOS this time apple ensured iOS 7 is much bug free by releasing 6 betas. However the betas are not been readily available for every mobile user and the hence some bugs would still exists. Any bug that makes you harder to use the device more feasibly would turn to be a night mare. So if you use iPhone/iPad for business purposes then please hold on and wait for a while to make sure everything is really cool enough to get into your device.

  3. Applications : Though apple revealed that iOS 7 is gonna come with their first beta release. since it took some time to get finalized after 5 beta releases, developers are still working hard to get their apps work fine with iOS 7 . So your favourite applications may get cracked/crashes with iOS7 and you may have to wait for next version to get released.

    On the other hand Facebook application is one of widely used applications in the world which merely got some gesture conflicts with ios7 and switched back to tab based there might still be bugs in it.

    Ultimately its better to wait without updating iOS 7 until you see new versions on all favourite apps rather than updating and waiting for new releases on applications.


Conclusion : From the above list artifacts you could go ahead with updating to iOS7 unless you have a reason one among artifacts 7,8 & 9. Hope this helps out for you, if it does do leave a comment below ….

Thanks for reading - your comments encourage me, Rama Krishna Chunduri