Tips for Samsung Wave 525

I bought a samsung wave 525 mobile before a month and i am a happy to be an user for it. here i would like to share some tips those might be helpful for the fellow wave users.

Tip 1

Under contacts or messages, swipe left to message that person and swipe left to call that person.

Tip 2 - Keyboard Punctuations

Easily get punctuations by long pressing space in keyboard (. , - ? @ !)

Tip 3

You can Swipe left and right to view next and previous sms.

Tip 4 - Block Contact

You can always block call/messages for a contact from Log
1. go to log
2. choose a contact to block
3. tap on ...
4. choose block contact
5. pick the right option.

Tip 5 - Keyboard

When you have to go to url other than .com sites you can long press .com button in keyboard and choose other domains.

Tip 6

Volume buttons can also be used as scrollers while reading SMS or viewing a website.

Tip 7 - Tab shuffling

In logs and music player you can long press on tab to get all tabs displayed once. You can even arrange them by simply dragging. & another long press will get you out.

Tip 8

In music player you can swipe left in albums to play all songs in particular album.

Tip 9 - Screen capture

Take screen-shot press menu button + lock button in same time.

Tip 10

Volume buttons can also be used for zooming while taking a photo.

Tip 11 - Call Recording

When in ongoing call you can long press to get more options like keypad,speaker etc.. You can also record the call by choosing "..." then "record voice"

Tip 12 - Fake Call

Fake call
1.Do the settings as shown here.

wave 525 fake call settings

2.Long press volume down key to enable the fake call.
3.After 10(as setted) seconds you'll recieve a call.

Tip 13 - Etiquette pause

in music player when locked or unlocked turn upside down to pause music. also works in video player. this will work only in the devices which etiquette pause is turned  on

Tip 14 - Quick Reboot

Press and hold the lock key , pressing even if it prompted to power off then it will reboot immediately.

Tip 15 - Task Manager

Press and hold  home/menu button, a screen with list of all running taks will be shown. you can stop task clicking on "-" button or very well switch between tasks.

Thanks for reading - your comments encourage me, Rama Krishna Chunduri