Blue screen errors and Boot failures may sometimes leave the system not repairable leaving us no option but to reinstall the entire operating system. Users of the organization may have sensitive data in windows drive which should be recovered before OS reinstallation. Follow below steps to remap the default locations to another drive so user data is guarded against formatting.
  1. Open Registry
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders
  3. The keys and relative default folders displayed are
    Key Data
    AppData Application Data
    Cookies Cookies
    Desktop Desktop
    Favorites Favorites
    NetHood My Network Places
    Personal My Documents
    PrintHood Printers
    Recent My Recent Documents
    SendTo Send to Shortcuts
    Start Menu Start Menu Shortcuts
    Programs Start Menu Programs
    Startup Start Menu -> Startup
    Local Settings Local Settings
    Local AppData Local Application Data
    Cache IE Cache or Temporary Internet Files
    History File browsing History
    My Pictures My Pictures
    Fonts Fonts
    My Music My Music
    CD Burning CD Burning
    My Video My Video
  4. Right click on the folders you want to change and select modify.
  5. Change the path to your folder’s path (example: D:\music)
    Note: Name Personal Refers to My Documents and Remaining Same
  6. Close Registry
  7. Reboot or Relogon To computer.