My Thoughts

Sometimes i'll be thinking little crazy and getting some funny and motivational things out of my mind. i would share my own thoughts here Quotes
Everyone is a right judge of their own mistakes! But turth is that judgement is not always a right one
Sleep - it wont come when u expect, we must go for it when it invites.
Everyone is a right judge of their own mistakes, don't be mercy towards yourself
Well, I don't know much but I can learn much
Hey Fellow developers, Don't let ur computer be ur best friend.
Truth is that there are lot more other works to do rather than simply staring at monitor

Jokes / Fun
Boss : Secret of hardworker is "Do tommorow's work today and today's work immediately now" Employ : Then OK sir, actually i planned to go home today. I am leaving now bye have a nice weekend 🙂
Everyone in the world likes a purse. but girls would only like "Money" purse ! 🙂
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