Here I Wish U to Provide a Tool For U to help u in repairing file associations. sometimes due to a virus/malicius effect the system will not open the files directly clicking on it and it may show some error or open with ex:-recently i faced a problem, when i try to start an application in system like notepad it just use to show me an open with dialog instead of starting the application then i must have to right click and use run as option each time but later i found solution for that and designed the following tool which indeed helps u. Usage:Read More →

Here I Wish U to Provide a Better Look Up for  Ur Folder/Directories. Folder Background Changer is an application Developed For Helping You to custimize ur folders by providing a background image and font color for it i.e.,Differentiate ur favourite firectories from others Through just a right click over the folder u can use it. here are snapshots of it Usage Steps Set an Icon for ur folder using standard windows customization Once setted Right Click Over folder and choose change background choose the image and color and apply please wait for a while to message,once u clicked it will open folder with choosed customizedRead More →

Here I Wish U to Provide a Tool For U to help u in detecting mouse position in screen. Usage: open this application move mouse on the screen note the position needed Enjoy (Tracking Mouse Position in Screen)Read More →

Here I Wish U to Provide a Tool for fun here i hope u may know hiding tray automatically in xp else follow but it automatically populates when we moved mouse there this will hide it permanently but this will not be done when system is restarted please make use of the source code to do that source users just uncomment a line ‘lngStartButton = lngHandle in hidestart.frm to toogle between tray and button Enjoy (Funny trayless and startless windows)Read More →