File Association Repairer

Here I Wish U to Provide a Tool For U to help u in repairing file associations.

sometimes due to a virus/malicius effect the system will not open the files directly clicking on it

and it may show some error or open with

ex:-recently i faced a problem, when i try to start an application in system like notepad it just use to

show me an open with dialog instead of starting the application then i must have to right click and use run as option each time

but later i found solution for that and designed the following tool which indeed helps u.


  1. try to open application
  2. if opened ok,else just right click and click run as then enter username and password and start
  3. select the file types u need
  4. click on repair selected
  5. let the process finish
  6. now try to open the needed file.
  7. if fails then just try after restarting ur machine

Enjoy (problemless usage of file system)

Thanks for reading - your comments encourage me, Rama Krishna Chunduri