Folder Background Changer

Here I Wish U to Provide a Better Look Up for  Ur Folder/Directories.

Folder Background Changer is an application Developed For Helping You to custimize ur folders
by providing a background image and font color for it

i.e.,Differentiate ur favourite firectories from others

Through just a right click over the folder u can use it.

here are snapshots of it

Usage Steps

  • Set an Icon for ur folder using standard windows customization
  • Once setted Right Click Over folder and choose change background
  • choose the image and color and apply
  • please wait for a while to message,once u clicked it will open folder with choosed customized
  • Note that u can even preview before applying
  • Enjoy (Folder Background Customization)
Thanks for reading - your comments encourage me, Rama Krishna Chunduri