Principle and Principal sounds similar but spell differently i.e., they have identical phonetics but not the spelling. Same is case with ball and boll and many other words. Read more to check how to compare database entries based on phonetics instead of spellings on the DB server running MySQLRead More →

Displaying different field based on null. (ex: display alias field if it is not null and name field if alias field is null. i.e., if user has alias and name both u just have to show alias if he has no alias u have to show name) if rs is result then in php u will so foreach($rs as $r) { if($r[‘alias’]==””) { echo $r[‘name’]; } else { echo $r[‘alias’]; } } but U guys can do a null check and different field value at query level selet coalesce(alias,name) as name from profiles coalesce will give first not null of what u sent. i.e., coalesce(null,null,0,null,’a’)Read More →