If you are trying to get all the data from mysql table as an xml or Consider u have a table says employees which has an approx of 2000 employee details in it and you are developing a mobile application to show the list in that which would use xml parsing to get data from server. So, if you are developer in server side then what you do to get all of them as an xml ? Conventionally any programmer will use a for or while loop to get this done and lays the xml data layout. in more details as follows select * fromRead More →

Today while looking for some general purpose functions in mysql, I have found an intresting and admiring function which will compare string pronounciations but not the actual strings. In simple words a function to compare phonetics rather than letters/words. The function name is soundex. which indeed uses soundex aligorthm I think this might be an aligorthm being used for spelling suggestions in most places.See how google shows proper word in Did you mean Now to be more clear let me explain with an example for you. In english the word ball and boll both are pronounced similarly although their spellings are different if we useRead More →

Displaying different field based on null. (ex: display alias field if it is not null and name field if alias field is null. i.e., if user has alias and name both u just have to show alias if he has no alias u have to show name) if rs is result then in php u will so foreach($rs as $r) { if($r[‘alias’]==””) { echo $r[‘name’]; } else { echo $r[‘alias’]; } } but U guys can do a null check and different field value at query level selet coalesce(alias,name) as name from profiles coalesce will give first not null of what u sent. i.e., coalesce(null,null,0,null,’a’)Read More →