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Remove default Inspect Element in Firefox context menu

HTML 5 Canvas Samples

Here are some HTML 5 Canvas snippets that would give you an idea on graphics in canvas. Circle show code function drawcircle() { //circle var ctx = GEBI(‘canvas1’).getContext("2d"); ctx.strokeStyle = "#AA0000"; ctx.lineWidth = 5; ctx.beginPath(); ctx.arc(65, 65, 50, 0, Math.PI*2, true); ctx.closePath(); ctx.stroke(); } Rectangle show code function drawRectangle() { //rectangle var ctx = GEBI(‘canvas2’).getContext("2d"); […]

HTML 5 Canvas vs SVG

Well, when you have to render graphics on your web page you might be using Flash or some raw images. With HTML 5 all such hard stuff is not necessary instead you are allowed to use Canvas and SVG to render graphics on the webpages. The best to time to decide what to be used […]

A Small and Short RegEx Reference

As We all Know that RegEx (Regular Expressions) is Leading Validation Technique Used in Many of Web,RUI.. application development, I just Like to provide a brief on it. Here it follows Regular Expression Will match… txt The string “txt” ^txt “txt” at the start of a string txt$ “txt” at the end of a string […]

Javascript ==,!= Vs ===,!==

Today i was looking for an online javascript validator in order to validate RJSLIB. Finally i found one at http://www.jslint.com/. I found only one repeated issue with == saying expected ===. Let me clarify the difference between == and === for you. == is an equal operator which will return true when both operands are […]

Joomla – default content for new article

Sometimes U might have to post many articles at the same time whose content differs but the layout is same in my sight i just has to post many articles that has content in html table however the employee names and roles differ in each article . html is like Employ Name : Rama Krishna […]

10 Firefox Addons I prefer to Use as A Developer

As a web developer i prefer following add-ons which are more productive for web development 1. FireBug Allows you to manipulate various Web Development Entities Like CSS , JavaScript , HTML , etc 2. FireFTP 1. Working in live server directly . u might be using an IDE , Browser and a FTP Client that […]

JavaScript Prevent Closing of Window with a Confirmation

You might have observed in many sites that they ask user for confirmation upon closing the browser . Ex : In gmail while you are composing an email if you closed browser tab or window, it will ask for confirmation. We can implement same in our website by following the below listed steps. Create 2 […]

JavaScript Expressions in CSS

Some times we might be using javascript to manage the style properties dynamically. For example we may use a div to be positioned in center of screen to display a message,for that we’ll use a javascript to set the top and left of the div to center as needed usually like <html> <head> <script> function […]

Setting CSS/Style float from javascript

Are U Unable to Set Float to an element from the javascript? U can’t set float to an element by javascript by assigning style.float to left/right/center U can Do it ! I would let u know that DOM will constitute the Definitions of the Functionalities and attributes for CSS this is because of the thing […]