As Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 7 is pushed out starting from September 18 2013 , the mobile users were in a confusion to decide if they can update to it or not. Well, If u were one among such users don’t worry this should help you out by letting know what factors you can rely on to make the decision. Here are the artifacts to decide whether can upgrade or not. Camera : IOS 7 brings some cool Filter effects in camera for the mobile users who has iPhone 5 with them. Though iOS 7 is compatible for iphone 4 and 4S theseRead More →

As Apple released iOS 7 beta 6 just today, the expectations towards ios 7 being released on Sepetember 2013 is growing up.. The ios 7 would be great news for the consumers as they are gonna get the apple’s latest flavour right in their hands. But sadly since the iOS 7 does possess plenty of ui and additional framework changes, most apps in the appstore would require a possible update to work well on iOS 7. This turned to be a great news for developers too as the clients were reaching back developers to get their app upgraded to work well on iOS 7. Hence obviouslyRead More →

Well, Canvas 4 from micromax has created a big buzz and its the consecutive mobile to Canvas HD. I was awaiting for Canvas 4 release and its released today. The price of MM Canvas HD stays b/w Rs.13,000 to RS.14,000 and the latest Canvas 4 has been set to a price of RS.17,999. The price deviation stays between Rs.3,000 to Rs.5,000 depending on store where u buy. IF you are about to buy either of these mobiles then you would obviously got to compare to decide if spending extra 3 to 5 thousand rupees really worths!… The Major difference between Canvad HD and Canvas 4Read More →

Touch screens are most often used these days. Those were the most interactive interfaces for the small-sized Gadgets and Accessories. These were classified into various kinds depending on the technology they are using. Resistive Surface acoustic wave Capacitive Infrared Optical imaging Dispersive signal technology Acoustic pulse recognition However, the most common and widely available ones are Resistive and Capacitive. And most people would be in a confusion when to go for which one. So. Here are the differences between them have a look and get the best one for you  ResistiveCapacitive Comprehension Two different flexible electro-resistive sheets are used to achieve this. One is placedRead More →

Basically Xcode IDE allows duplicating target and use the same source base for multiple applications. Here are the steps to do that, considering the “Toolset” as main target and “Toolset Lite” as duplicate target. Step – 1 Go to project settings right click on the desired target to be duplicated choose “Duplicate” (or) alternatively use cmd+D. Step – 2 In the next dialog box shown choose “Duplicate Only”. Step – 3 Right click on duplicate target Choose “Rename” Rename the duplicated target with proper name (“Toolset copy” to “Toolset Lite” here) Step – 4 Close all the opened trees in project navigator except project treeRead More →

I bought a samsung wave 525 mobile before a month and i am a happy to be an user for it. here i would like to share some tips those might be helpful for the fellow wave users. Tip 1 Under contacts or messages, swipe left to message that person and swipe left to call that person. Tip 2 – Keyboard Punctuations Easily get punctuations by long pressing space in keyboard (. , – ? @ !) Tip 3 You can Swipe left and right to view next and previous sms. Tip 4 – Block Contact You can always block call/messages for a contact fromRead More →

Now let us discuss how to integrate JSON framework in IOS applications. Step-1 : have a look at the features Introductions at google’s home page Step-2 : download and extract the source from GitHub Step-3 : Rename directory named Classes to JSON. Step-4 : This step will involve some small individual steps Move the renamed directory to Classes directory of target project Open target project choose Classes group Now right click and choose Add -> Existing files and add JSON to it. Step-5 : Usage Import json.h in the class you wish to use json. For IOS to JSON you can call JSONRepresentaion on anyRead More →