Canvas HD vs Canvas 4

Well, Canvas 4 from micromax has created a big buzz and its the consecutive mobile to Canvas HD. I was awaiting for Canvas 4 release and its released today. The price of MM Canvas HD stays b/w Rs.13,000 to RS.14,000 and the latest Canvas 4 has been set to a price of RS.17,999. The price […]

Remove default Inspect Element in Firefox context menu

Firefox is added up with developer tools built right into the browser. Out of these tools the most used and most helpful one is “Inspect Element”. However since the built in Element inspection is just a re-invented version of Firebug, some developers still use Firebug which would serve them the better purpose. Before Firefox 10 […]

Fix Launcher Force close loop without rooting or USB debugging in Android

Android Launcher (Contents are hidden for quick reading ) In the world of android, launchers are the applications which serves the first purpose of the operating system. & A launcher presents the main view of the phone and is responsible for starting other apps and hosting live widgets. Launcher just like explorer.exe (Windows shell) in […]

Resistive vs Capacitive touchscreen

Touch screens are most often used these days. Those were the most interactive interfaces for the small-sized Gadgets and Accessories. These were classified into various kinds depending on the technology they are using. Resistive Surface acoustic wave Capacitive Infrared Optical imaging Dispersive signal technology Acoustic pulse recognition However, the most common and widely available ones […]