As Apple released iOS 7 beta 6 just today, the expectations towards ios 7 being released on Sepetember 2013 is growing up..

ios7 beta 6

The ios 7 would be great news for the consumers as they are gonna get the appleā€™s latest flavour right in their hands. But sadly since the iOS 7 does possess plenty of UI and additional framework changes, most apps in the appstore would require a possible update to work well on iOS 7. This turned to be a great news for developers too as the clients were reaching back developers to get their app upgraded to work well on iOS 7. Hence obviously developers had got plenty of work to be done by september.

Google Acquired AdMob

On the other hand Google is about to shutdown their popular Ad Agreegator AdWhril by end of September 2013. And since apple is about to get lot of apps to be reviewed on store the apps would get delayed to get live on appstore, Devs got to integrate AdMob Meridian and push the app to store as soon as possible to get the app up and running along with Ad Revenue. This added up an additional work for developers using AdWhril in their app.

Flurry requires update for iOS 7

The other third party libraries used by the developers like flurry are also possibly throwing a new version, For all iOS Developers September 2013 turned to be the busiest month.

By the way, good-luck for all the developers and do well with the hands-full of work …